Residential services are committed to encouraging independence in safe, affordable environments. If needed, staff support is available to help people reach their highest level of independence; and is usually funded though Supported Living or Medicaid Level One or Individual Options (IO) Waivers. These support are based on individual assessments directed by the individual's plan and provided based on the availability of funds.

Housing can be obtained independently anywhere in Ashland County. Ashland County also has a non-profit Housing Board, called the Ashland County Residential Services Inc (ACRS). The goal of the ACRS is to provide quality affordable housing to individuals with disabilities in Ashland County. The Board has seven members with the goal of 50 percent being family members of individuals with disabilties.

Referrals for residential services are made through Service & Support Administration. Contact Carrie Bush or any SSA. Call 419-289-0470 with any questions.

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