Service & Support Administration

The purpose of Service and Support Administration is to help individuals with developmental disabilities and their families understand available options for accessing area resources. SSAs help promote and facilitate health, safety and independence of individuals with disabilities. SSAs are available to serve anyone in Ashland County with a qualifying diagnosis; over the age of three, who meet the eligibility criteria. Some of these services may translate as:

  • Assistance with eligibility & intake
  • Person Centered Service Plan Development
  • Administration of Medicaid funded waivers
  • Budgeting of County dollars for non-Medicaid Waiver recipients
  • Service Coordination
  • Service Monitoring
  • Information & Referral to outside agencies or resources

Eligibility Determination

Proof of a qualifying diagnosis is obtained from school records or a medical professional prior to administering one of the two eligibility instruments. Children’s Ohio Eligibility Determination Instrument (COEDI) Is the tool used for children ages 6 to 15 to determine if a child qualifies for County Board services. This tool tests in Mobility, Self-Care, Self-Direction, Capacity for Independent Living, Learning, and Receptive and Expressive Language. A child must have a substantial functional limitation in at least 2 of the 6 sections. Ohio Eligibility Determination Instrument (OEDI) Is the instrument used for anyone age 16 and older. This test is similar to the COEDI but has an additional life skills area in Economic Self Sufficiency. The individual must have a substantial functional limitation in at least 3 of the 7 sections to qualify for services.

Developing Person Centered Service Plan

After eligibility is determined an SSA is assigned to the individual. The SSA works with the individual and their support system to create a personalized plan. The plan helps to outline services provided to enrich the life of the individual. Plans are created in a team environment where the individual invites who they would like to participate. The team works to brainstorm ways to facilitate the individual’s desires for the future and address immediate needs. The team works with the individual to discuss risks and ensure health and safety.

Service Monitoring

The SSAs use the plan to review what services the Individual has requested and received. They periodically visit homes, day programming, work locations, and other locations to assess the documentation and ensure compliance with what the Individual has requested.

Administration of Waivers

Medicaid authorizes the Department of Developmental Disabilities to administer several different waivers. The waiver helps to disperse State and County dollars to provide supports for community living. These waivers include the Level 1 Waiver, the Individual Options Waiver, and the SELF Waiver. Allocation is obtained through a waiting list after eligibility is determined.

Freedom of Choice

There are multiple providers in Ashland County for various services. SSAs have a duty to provide freedom of choice to all Medicaid Waiver recipients. These services include:

  • Residential
  • Voc-Hab/Day-Hab
  • Transportation
  • Job Development & Placement

Behavior Support

If necessary there is a committee to review both positive and aversive behavioral plans. The SSA assists in this process.

Transition Planning Services

SSAs are working with the local school districts to develop services for students ages 12 to 21 as they enter the workforce. The emphasis is to focus on employability.


Carrie Bush, Director of Service and Supports
Phone: 419.273.9514

Sandy Cody, Service and Support Administrator-Assistant
Phone: 419.273.9541

Angie Petelin, Service and Support Administrator
Phone: 419.273.9511

Carolyn Tucker, Service and Support Administrator
Phone: 419.273.9520

David Fitzgerald , Service and Support Administrator
Phone: 419.273.9522

Emily Seymour, Service and Support Administrator
Phone: 419.273.9524

Erin O’Diam, Service and Support Administrators
Phone: 419.273.9523

Nicholas Hohman, Service and Support Administrators
Phone: 419.273.9544

Rebecca Dechant, Service and Support Administrator
Phone: 419.273.9539

Tami Spoerr, Service and Support Administrator
Phone: 419.273.9547

Major Unusual Incident (MUI)

The MUI Unit investigates and/or tracks all major unusual incidents involving Ashland County residents with developmental disabilities. All MUIs are reported by Ashland County Board of Developmental Disabilities electronically to the Ohio Department of DD.

We are here to help families in understanding Major Unusual Incidents (MUIs) and the activities and responsibilities of those involved. We understand the important role family plays in the health and safety of individuals with disabilities which is why we believe it is important for everyone to understand the MUI system and its purpose.

An MUI (major unusual incident) is an alleged, suspected or actual incident where there is reason to believe the health and safety of an individual will be adversely affected. Examples may include, but are not limited to, physical abuse, sexual abuse, verbal abuse, attempted suicide, death, exploitation, misappropriation, medical emergency, missing individual, neglect, unapproved behavior support, unscheduled hospital admission, and/or significant injury.

All major unusual incidents result in the individual’s team developing a plan of prevention. For more information or to report an MUI contact Margaret Halter at or call 419-289-0470 during business hours or by calling the SSA crisis line after hours 419-651-3760.

MUI Reporting:

The SSAs are responsible for the crisis phone. All major unusual incidents are to be reported to the SSA on call.

MUI Department
Margaret M. Halter - Investigative Agent